EVENTS & DIARY (& Services for Martial Arts Clubs)

Combat Wing Chun

Instructors Training - Level 1

1. This is a short and intensive training course
2. These skills are close quarter fighting related
3. Expert and friendly instruction
4. Instructor certification & registration
Contact Sifu Tong:

KEWAP Instructors’ Course

Knives & Edged Weapons Awareness Programme

The most highly resourced instructors’ course to date (forms, power-point presentations, student handouts & much more)
NEW:  May 2011 (date TBC)

For more info:

Or call: 07917 798 734 (09:00 - 20:00)

Geoff Thompson Masterclass

Level 1 SeIf-Protection Instructor

Starts 11/07/2010 (one Sunday each month until December)
12:00 - 16:00

AT7 Centre - Coventry

For more info:

Specialised Self-Defence Seminars

Instructor: Steven Timperley

Average Cost: £30 (per candidate)
In-house training available
Call Steven on: 07917 798 734 (09:00 - 20:00)

First Aid Training

In-house Training for Martial Arts Clubs

1 Day - Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)
Ofqual Approved includes: book & accreditation
Edged Weapons Trauma Module included (FREE)
Cost: £65 per candidate (inhouse - 10 persons)
For more info:

5 Day Residential Instructors Course/s

Physical Restraint & Breakaway/Disengagement

The finest course of its kind available in the UK - FACT!

Advanced BTEC Level 3 Restraint Certificate included plus instructional resources and full back-up support.

For more info:

Urban Combat Conference 2013

The finest mixed training event in the UK guaranteed!

Unique presentations, guest speakers and skills-sets training!
Coming in the late 2013

Hilton Hotel - East Midlands, exact date TBC
For more info:

DEFENDO Courses & Training

North of England Region

Learn elements of the original skills as
taught to WW2 Soldiers!
Suitable for military & police personnel
FULL Instructor - Steve Smith

DEFENDO Courses & Training

South of England Region

Learn elements of the original skills as
taught to WW2 Soldiers!
Suitable for military & police personnel
Defendo UK Director & Chief Instructor - Clive Elliott

Specialised Unarmed Combat Courses

Master Instructor - Peter Ellis

Seminars for:
Security (including CP Officers)
Armed Forces (including SF personnel)
Sphere Combat Systems

Certificates for Martial Arts!

A Wide Range of Designs for Gradings & Awards etc.

1. Suitable for ALL styles & systems
2. Small or large orders accepted
Alternatively contact Kevin Mills:

Action Film Seminars!

Chris Jones & Andy Taylor (as seen on TV!)

A real opportunity to train with two of the UK’s leading XMA
& stunt action film specialists.
Please Note: Available for seminars & promotional events!

Filipino Martial Arts Seminars

Instructor: Eric Amada

Learn Filipino Martial Arts with one of the UK's leading &
authentic exponents!
Average Cost: £30 (per seminar)
In-house training available
For more info call Eric on : 07735 549 732



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Featured Instuctor

Chris Jones

Sifu Tong Liu

Sifu Tong Liu comes from a Kung Fu family which goes back to his great grandfather who was a village warrior in the South of China. Trained from the age of 5 years old Sifu Tong Liu is well-versed in the Chinese Fighting arts and now teaches his own brand of Wing Chun as well as Combat Wing Chun & Close Quarter Fighting skills.

Since 1990 Sifu Tong Liu has been researching hand-to-hand combat techniques from a wide range of fighting systems in order to create Progressive Fighting Methods.

To date Sifu Tong Liu is a rising star within the UK Wing Chun community and his unique brand of instruction is not to be missed by anyone who is interested in the martial arts. Sifu Tong Liu is available for seminars & specialised workshops.