Listed Affiliates of UK Martial Arts Alliance


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Matthew Catlin

UKMAA Instructor

Shotokan Karate (3rd Dan)
White Crane kung fu (2nd Degree)
Instructor - Qigong & Tai Chi
Assistant Instructor - Kyusho Jitsu
Self-Defence Specialist


Tong Liu

UKMAA Senior Instructor

Sifu - Wing Chun Kung Fu
Sifu - Combat Wing Chun
Sifu - Liu Gar Kung Fu
Instructor - KEWAP
Founder - Progressive Fighting Method

Mark Sproule

UKMAA National Tutor

Coach - Physical Restraint (BTEC)
Chinese Boxing (4th Degree)
Sikaran Arnis (1st Degree)
Kick Boxing (1st Degree)
Diploma in Physical Training


Arlene Sproule

UKMAA National Tutor

Coach - Physical Restraint (BTEC)
PTLLS - Level 4 (BTEC)
Instructor - Physical Restraint (NFPS)
Chinese Boxing (1st Degree)

Peter Ellis

UKMAA National Tutor

Trainer - H&S at Work (HABC)
Freestyle Kung Fu (7th Degree)
Commando Combat System (1st Degree)
Instructor - Krav Maga
Instructor - Disability Martial Arts (DMAA)


John Gaynor

UKMAA Senior Instructor

Aikido (6th Dan)
President - Aikido Union England
Area Coach - O.C.F.M
Senior Instructor (Level 4) - P.P.D.T
Personal Safety Specialist

Anthony Pillage

UKMAA Senior Instructor

Ju Jutsu (4th Dan)
Karate Jutsu (3rd Dan)
Enhanced Self-Protection (3rd Dan)
O.C.F.M (1st Dan)
Shikon Level 1 Coach


Steve Christian

UKMAA Instructor

Aikido (4th Dan)
Instructor (Level 1) - P.P.D.T
Assistant Instructor - F.S.D

Dean Saitch

UKMAA Instructor

San Shou (2nd Dan)
Ju-Jitsu (2nd Dan)
Instructor - Krav Maga
Instructor - Thai-Kick-Jitsu
Advanced Personal Trainer


James Pye

UKMAA National Tutor

Instructor - Self Defence (BTEC L3)
Instructor - Self Defence (NFPS L3)
Instructor - Defendo (British Jujitsu)
Instructor - KEWAP
Brown Belt - Jujitsu

Master Anton St’James

UKMAA Senior Instructor

Eskrima (Doce Pares) - (7th Degree)
Kickboxing (6th Degree)
San Miguel Eskrima Spada Y Daga Belt
Doce Pares 'Hall of Fame' Inductee
Anti-Bullying Specialist


Mark Davies

UKMAA Senior Instructor

Founder of Tactical Edge CQB
Full Instructor - Combat Technologies
Taekwondo (5th Dan)
Sul Sa Do (3rd Dan)
Yoshinkan Bujutsu (3rd Dan)


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Featured Instuctor

Kevin mills

Kirsty Henderson

Kirsty Henderson is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in MMA Bushido, a Japan qualified 2nd Dan Black Belt in Shidokan Karate Kickboxing, President of FRTFA and coach to the GB squad.

Kirsty is also a Specialist Defence Instructor, a Krav Maga Instructor, a KEWAP Instructor and one of FRTFA 'recovery & bioenergetics experts'.

In 2005 Kirsty travelled to Japan to become the first women in Britain to become a Shidokan Black Belt. For this she fought her first 10 man kumite, she has fought for the British Team and she was examined by Grandmaster Kancho Yoshiji Soeno. At present Kirsty is the 'only' female Shidokan Black Belt in Britain to date!