Listed Affiliates of UK Martial Arts Alliance


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Stef Rowland

UKMAA Instructor

Full Contact Thai-Kickboxing (4th dan)
Taekwondo (3rd Dan)
Instructor - Krav Maga
Coach - MMA
WKA (English) Heavyweight Champion


Liam Gray

UKMAA Instructor

Kickboxing (3rd Degree)
Instructor - KEWAP
Founder - San-Shin Academy
Former MMA Champion (UCF)

Scott Marshall

UKMAA Instructor

Rapid Arnis (2nd Degree - Full Instructor)
Instructor (L2) - Rapid Response System
Chief Instructor Filipino Self Defence
Head of Black Eagle Society (Scotland)
Head Instructor Rapid Arnis (Scotland)


Clive Elliott

UKMAA Senior Instructor

Defendo UK Director & Chief Instructor
Modern Arts Karate (7th Dan)
Kickboxing (5th Dan)
PFS Full Instructor
TTF Associate Instructor & UK Director

Russell Perks

UKMAA Senior Instructor

Tae Kwon Do (5th Degree)
Escrima (1st Dan)
V.President of Chun Kuhn Do Assc UK
Chief Instructor of TKDSOE
Senior Grading Examiner


Nicholas Pittard

UKMAA National Tutor

Coach - Physical Restraint (BTEC)
Trainer - Conflict Management (BTEC)
Instructor - Self-defence (BTEC)
Instr - H/cuff & Mech Restraints (BTEC)
Shotokan Karate (4th Dan)
Coach - Level 2 (WKF) - EMAIL

Mike Harwood

UKMAA Instructor

Jiyu Ryu Karate (4th Dan)
Chief Instructor of SEFK
Self-Defence Specialist


Emma Wright

UKMAA Instructor

Senior Instr - Progressive Martial Arts
Instructor (L2) - Defendo
Instructor - KEWAP
Personal Trainer
Instructor - Exercise to Music

Spencer Hannan

UKMAA National Tutor

First Aid Instructor & Assessor
Aikijitsu (3rd Dan)
Traditional Jujitsu (3rd Dan)
Freestyle Karate (2nd Dan)
Senior Instructor - KEWAP


Chris Fisher

UKMAA Senior Instructor

Wu Do Combat (5th Dan)
Freestyle Karate (2nd Dan)
Kyushindo (1st Dan)
Korean Aikijuitsu (1st Dan)
Accupressure Practitioner

Arthur Crawford

UKMAA Instructor

Kickboxing (2nd Degree)
Freestyle Karate (2nd Degree)


Karen Elliott

UKMAA Instructor

Taekwondo (2nd Dan)
Senior Instructor - Defendo
Kickboxing (1st Dan)
Apprentice Instructor - JKD & FMA
PTLLS (Level 3) - C&G


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Featured Instuctor

Kevin mills

Kirsty Henderson

Kirsty Henderson is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in MMA Bushido, a Japan qualified 2nd Dan Black Belt in Shidokan Karate Kickboxing, President of FRTFA and coach to the GB squad.

Kirsty is also a Specialist Defence Instructor, a Krav Maga Instructor, a KEWAP Instructor and one of FRTFA 'recovery & bioenergetics experts'.

In 2005 Kirsty travelled to Japan to become the first women in Britain to become a Shidokan Black Belt. For this she fought her first 10 man kumite, she has fought for the British Team and she was examined by Grandmaster Kancho Yoshiji Soeno. At present Kirsty is the 'only' female Shidokan Black Belt in Britain to date!