Listed Affiliates of UK Martial Arts Alliance


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Gary Leggett

UKMAA Instructor

Instructor (Phase 1) JKD & FMA
Instructor (Level 1) - Defendo
Kickboxing (1st Dan)


Peter Skillen

UKMAA Senior Instructor

BMAA (4th Dan)
Real Self-Defence (2nd Dan)
Train-the-Trainer: Street Tuff SD
Instructor - KEWAP
Coach - Kickboxing (25yrs experience)

Christopher Nicholls

UKMAA Instructor

Instructor - TSD (L1)
Instructor - KEWAP


Shaun Hoddy

UKMAA Senior Instructor

Tomiki Aikido (6th Dan)
Taiho-Jutsu (1st Dan)
Coach - BAB NGB (Level 1)
Professional Trainer Certificate (CIEH)
Over 35 years of Aikido experience

Carlos Joaquim

UKMAA Instructor

Shotokan Karate (2nd Dan)
Senior Instructor - KEWAP
Coaching Diploma (AMA)


Richard Blackburn

UKMAA Instructor

3rd Dan Freestyle Martial Arts
2nd Dan Wado Ryu Karate
1st Dan Shukokai Karate
Personal Trainer
Specialist - Sword/Stunts/Action

Andrew Goodwin

UKMAA Instructor

Bushi Kempo Jujitsu (2nd Dan)
Instructor - Self-Defence (G.Thompson)
Senior Instructor - KEWAP
Associate Instructor - BCA
website - andygoodwin


Lee Bowler

UKMAA Instructor

Atemi Jutsu (1st Dan)
Judo (1st Dan)
Instructor - KEWAP
Instructor - Boxercise

Raymond O’Neill

UKMAA Senior Instructor

Senior Master - ITF Taekwon-Do
Taekwon-Do (8th Degree) ITF
International Examiner
International Umpire
Instructor - KEWAP


Aaron Bannister

UKMAA Instructor

Taekwondo (3rd Degree)
Instructor - KEWAP
Instructor - Fitness (YMCA)

Stuart Harris

UKMAA Senior Instructor

Kick Boxing (3rd Dan)
Coach - Boxing & MMA
Instructor - KFM
Instructor - Urban Krav Maga
Senior Instructor - KEWAP


Lawrence Stubbings

UKMAA Instructor

Kyuktooki (1st Dan)
Taekwondo (1st Dan)
Instructor - KEWAP
Instructor - TSD


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Featured Instuctor

Kevin mills

Kirsty Henderson

Kirsty Henderson is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in MMA Bushido, a Japan qualified 2nd Dan Black Belt in Shidokan Karate Kickboxing, President of FRTFA and coach to the GB squad.

Kirsty is also a Specialist Defence Instructor, a Krav Maga Instructor, a KEWAP Instructor and one of FRTFA 'recovery & bioenergetics experts'.

In 2005 Kirsty travelled to Japan to become the first women in Britain to become a Shidokan Black Belt. For this she fought her first 10 man kumite, she has fought for the British Team and she was examined by Grandmaster Kancho Yoshiji Soeno. At present Kirsty is the 'only' female Shidokan Black Belt in Britain to date!